Client Testimonials

Los Angeles DUI Client Testimonials

Dear Mindy,

Your dedication to my case went far and above any legal service I have ever had. You were able to open doors and expedite a serious DMV matter for me that I doubt anyone else could have done. Because of your commitment to my case, I am on the road within a week of our initial consultation. Other attorneys I spoke with wouldn’t even take the case. To call you a miracle worker might be inappropriate because I know that outcome I got was the result of hard work and deep experience. I can’t thank you enough.

With Gratitude,
D.H., Napa, CA


Dear Mindy,

When I paid you to represent me at the time, I thought it was a lot of money. Now it seems like not enough, so I wanted to write you and thank you. When I divide the amount I paid by the number of days my license would have been suspended, it’s a lot cheaper than bus or taxi. Although, in reality, my life is so busy, there is absolutely no way that I would have survived waiting for a taxi or bus. I just don’t know what I would have done.

I still can’t believe that I did manage to find you, only 22 before my hearing. There are not many DMV lawyers and the few I found online seemed like a scam. From the minute I spoke with you on the phone, I immediately knew I had done the right thing by having you represent me. You knowledge was obvious the first few minutes of the conversation. You didn’t waste my time with speeches; you just got down to business and made it happen!

My friends told me that I was wasting my money, that I couldn’t represent myself. I know now that I went from a 10% chance to a 90% chance of saving my driving privilege that moment I found you. And I say only 90% because the judge could have been having a bad day or I could have still screwed it up myself by not following your instructions.

You helped me to explain my story in a clear concise manner. I didn’t know where to start. I would have babbled on forever and not gotten my point across. You helped me gather and organize my resources. At the hearing, I thought you would be there just in case, but you made it flow smoothly and were in full control.

So when my friends say “What did she do that you couldn’t do yourself?” I say “What didn’t she do?”

You did everything possible and there is no question in my mind that I owe my driver’s license 100% to you. Next time I’m in trouble I’ll be calling you for sure.

Thank you so much!

L. W.


Mindy McQueen gave 180% towards my case. She’s smart, aggressive, real, and compassionate. I highly recommend her.

B. T.


I would highly recommend Mindy McQueen for representation on any D.U.I. case. In March of 05, I was charged with a D.U.I. In the days to follow, I had received about two dozen letters from various D.U.I. attorneys. Being my first offense and not having much knowledge on this matter, I had no idea what to do. In checking around, several people suggested it was a waste money seeking counsel. Looking at my situation and knowing a drivers license was a necessity in order to perform my job and provide income in my household, I sought advice from close friends. Thank God, one friend referred me to Ms. McQueen. Immediately she met with me, worked out a financial plan, contacted the DMV, and had the ball rolling. Ms McQueen kept me informed constantly on how my case was progressing, both good and bad. Ms McQueen had the DMV extend my revoke license date and actually won my DMV hearing. In the weeks to come and getting closer to my court date, Ms. McQueen met with the District Attorney, had all my charges dropped! Believe me, if you think you can do it on your own, think again! If your looking for an experienced attorney, call Ms. McQueen, now! Several months later one of my co-workers received a D.U.I. Quickly, I referred Ms. McQueen. As of today, she has won his DMV hearing. If you are wanting experienced representation don’t wait, for your two dozens D.U.I. attorney pamphlets, call her today.

J. H.

After I was picked up for driving under the influence (DUI), I just wanted the nightmare to end. I was ready to plead guilty and accept the horrible consequences of my bad decision to drive after a few drinks. Some of my good friends advised me to think otherwise and entertain the idea of having an attorney argue my case. I guess that’s what good friends are for. Mindy was there every step of the way to explain exactly what obstacles I was facing and to advise me on my options going forward. She was able to convince the District Attorney to dismiss my case, even though my BAC (blood = 0.11%) had been well over the legal limit! I can’t thank her enough!


T. S.


Dearest Ms. McQueen,

This is just a note to say thank you for helping my husband take care of a difficult situation so expertly: He was so lucky to find you! Your sense of humor and winning ways made quite a difference to his morale – mine too! By the way, my name is Anne, please except these kind words to you from a stranger with every best wish.

Very Truly Yours,

A. J.


Dear Mindy,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and for winning my case. I really felt helpless and had no clue what to do when I first got my ticket. After I talked to you, I felt a little more at ease and hopeful for the outcome. It was very stupid on my part to drink and drive but thanks to you I got to learn a valuable lesson without the harsh consequences of a DUI on my record. I will forever be grateful for all that you did for me and I hope if we talk again it is under more positive circumstances. I’m glad there are people like you there who, confused teens who are in trouble, like me, can turn to and trust. My life is going very well right now and I owe a little of that to you. I wish nothing but the best for you! Thanks again, Mindy!

A. M.


I recently received a D.U.I. Unfortunately, this was not my first offense and I was driving on a revoked license all of which carry a very heavy fine and jail sentence. I hired Mindy H. McQueen as my attorney and she not only made all of my court appearances but because my mother is suffering from a terminal illness she got a three month extension to take care of her. She was also able to get my sentence reduced to very minimal incarceration period and the rest commuted to a recovery center or work furlough. She has worked with me financially allowing me to pay fees and still be able to meet my bills and have a life. Mindy has been more than an attorney. She really has treated my case as a personal matter.



G. H.


I was recently charged with a first offense DUI and I selected Mindy McQueen to represent me. She was successful at the DMV hearing and their action was set aside. I decided to plead guilty in court and she got my work release reduced to three days with a ninety day license suspension with the right to drive to the DDP program and to work and during work. She helped me to understand the complicated laws and she was generous with her time on the phone answering my questions. This was an unpleasant three months but I now have my license re-instated. Thanks Mindy.

R. P.


Dear Ms. McQueen,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you undertook in successfully defending my son recently. It is every mother’s nightmare to discover her child is in trouble with the law, and my situation was no exception. Though my son was, by law, technically an adult at the time of the incident, your recognition of his emotional maturity put him at ease as you explained the process of the court system and what to expect throughout the proceedings. Your professional and calm manner made it possible for him to face the consequences of his actions with lessened anxiety. As his mother, your demeanor made me realize that we could and would get through this troubling time and come out on the other end with lessons learned and an opportunity to move on, putting this unfortunate and unpleasant set of circumstances behind us. I shall always be appreciative of your direct, yet reassuring words of advice.

The recommendation of you as an attorney to handle my son’s case is something of which I shall always be grateful. The person who suggested you knew precisely what he was talking about when he spoke so highly of your qualifications and professionalism. After speaking with you personally and hearing my son speak so favorably of you, I knew he was in the best hands possible. Given the outcome of your defense of him, he was.

With much respect, may I politely state that I hope never to have further need of your services in such a matter! However, I shall, without reservation, be most happy to refer you to anyone who may find him/herself in a similar position.

With much appreciation,

C. H. C.


I retained Mindy McQueen to represent my grandson J. W. for a D.U.I. incident.

My Grandson lived in the San Diego area. He needed help right away due to a mix up in the legal system. There was a warrant out for his arrest. Miss McQueen did an exemplary job for him. She went to court and had the warrant lifted.

When my grandson appeared in court, the probation office had recommended that he serve six months for this offense. Miss McQueen, through her diligent defense got his sentence down to ten days.

I highly recommend Mindy McQueen to anyone in need of help. She is very knowledgeable in her field. She is prompt, efficient, cordial, and always works in the best interest of her clients.

We were very lucky to have found her. We were very pleased with her good work.

J. M.


Mindy McQueen handled my case with highest level of courtesy and professionalism. Her keen understanding of the applicable laws and court processes allowed me to put the nightmare behind me and get on with my life. She gave me a clear understanding of my responsibilities and options and most importantly – Mindy went to the DMV and got my case there dismissed so that I never lost my license.

J. F.



From the first minute of our first meeting I knew you were the one who could help us. Thank you, Bless you.

G. & M.


A few short words but they express the warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for all that you have done for me and my parents. You have really saved me.

M. M. L.


Dear Mindy,

I’d like to thank you so much for your expertise and assistance in one of the darkest moments that has ever occurred in my life.

I hope to never have to go through this again in my life. Having you on my side was the best reward I gained from this horrible incident.

Having been arrested not only at work but by someone I worked with was so degrading. Having to go back after words was humiliating. Your confidence in my winning made me more confident in myself and allowed me to accept what happened to me so much easier.

The bitterness is almost gone. However, I don’t have to deal with him anymore. He has transferred to another office. I wish “them” a lot of luck.

Things for me have turned around so much for the better. I’m up for a promotion, one I’m still thinking about because it is in —— the drive – oh that drive, ugh.

Without you Mindy, I wouldn’t even have applied for that position. I don’t believe I would’ve even been considered for it, if I had been convicted.

I owe you my life because you went out of your way and worked so very hard to clear my name and my life. I appreciate all you have done and God forbid if I meet someone in need of an attorney, you can bet that I will pass on your name. Thank you again for saving me and for a job done over the top.

You’re always in my thoughts.

P.S. If I run into anyone who needs an attorney, I will give them your name, highly recommended.

F. B.


Dear Mindy,

You made my day and the many years to come! Thanks many times over for the excellent job you did on my case – I can sleep well again. If any of my friends ever need a lawyer to plead their case, you will be the one I recommend.

Again, what a relief to be dismissed!

D. W.


Dear Mindy,

I want to thank you so much for helping me with my D.M.V. D.U.I. case. You did a fabulous job representing me and I want you to know I appreciate it very much! The way you won the case for me was ingenious. You were definitely the best person for the job! If I know anyone else that may need your services I will be more than happy to refer them to you. Thank you.

N. C.


Dear Mindy,

Enclosed are the copies from the DMV, and also attached is my business card with my home number. I also enclosed the flyers that were sent to me of who I would choose for my attorney. I have to say, you were the one I chose from the beginning, and at that time, I didn’t know why I felt this. My boyfriend asked me “are you sure?” I told him “yes”. He felt the same way! He knew my gut feelings within, I made the right choice. Mindy, I was so afraid of what I was going to face, and what I would go through. For my actions of what happened, I knew I did wrong and felt really bad. You made my life so much easier to face all of what I needed to face. What I admired of you, you were honest and direct with me, however, you supported me all the way! You are an excellent attorney and you will never be forgotten. I thank you for everything. If any of my close friends or loved ones, I will definitely refer them to you. Thank you.



Dear Ms. McQueen,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the services rendered to me in court on November 3, 2005. Your assistance and efforts in helping me were very valuable and I truly appreciated it.

During the course of this matter I was forwarded many letters from various attorneys and I prayed very hard to help me make the right decision and your name came up. As you know, I have been going through a lot with the loss of my mother, my health and this case; but with prayer and faith I know that I will continue on and knowing persons like you.

Again, thank you so very much for your assistance and may God bless you and your family. Thank you.

J. H. M.


Dear Mindy McQueen,

I can not thank you enough for getting my DUI conviction of time incarcerated reduced by 3 days. When I was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, which put me in violation of probation, Mindy was able to get all charges dropped. I could have served 30 days in jail, more fines and lost my license for a year. She is a life saver.

M. B.