Negligent Operator Treatments System Information

Negligent Operator Treatment System (“NOTS”)

California Vehicle Code 12810.5a defines a negligent operator as any Class C (passenger car) licensed driver “whose driving record shows a violation point count of four or more points in twelve months, six or more points in twenty-four months, or eight or more points in thirty-six months.”

The Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) is based on negligent operator points and consists of a computer- generated series of warning letters and progressive sanctions against the driving privilege. NOTS affects California drivers eighteen years of age and older. Younger “provisional” drivers are also included in the NOTS program if they violate provisional probation or suspension.

If a timely request is made for a hearing, stays (stopping the proposed suspension) can often be obtained. Therefore it is best to contact Ms. McQueen as quickly as possible after the driver receives the Negligent Operator notification from the DMV.

California’s Negligent Operator Hearing Attorney

Attorney Mindy McQueen has extensive experience with negligent operator hearings before the DMV, and has consistently obtained good results for her clients. If you want an attorney who handles every negligent operator hearing with passion, determination, and great attention to detail, and as if her own driving privileges were at stake, then call Mindy. As the client testimonials indicate, for Mindy, obtaining a good outcome for her clients is a matter of personal pride. If it is important to you to retain an attorney who truly cares about getting your driving privileges reinstated, then call Mindy McQueen. She offers a free consultation, and can usually begin helping you as soon as you call or email her.

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